Border Pattern Gallery

This gallery has been developed as a class project by the Spring 1996 MATH 3403 Geometric Structures class at Oklahoma State University. Creating and classifying border patterns (also called frieze or band patterns) provides a delightful and engaging introduction to symmetry. Kids love it and so do college students.

This sampling of examples of the seven different types has been developed for your pleasure. Check them out!
Examples of Type mm Examples of Type 1m
Examples of Type mg Examples of Type 1g
Examples of Type 12
Examples of Type m1 Examples of Type 11

Here is an explanation of How We Classify Border Patterns into the seven types.
The Symmetries of the Seven Border Types are shown in this display created by Rhonda, Susana, Steven and Joie.
Melissa Sindelar designed a neat set of the Seven Types of Border Patterns.
Some interesting geometry net resources for elementary teachers.
Here are some pictures of border pattern projects created by students as class projects.

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