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I am a mathematician on the faculty of Oklahoma State University.

My home page is divided up into the following areas of information:

Current Teaching Schedule
My resume and other personal information
Some facts about my education, career and family are given here.
Guide to my published works.
MSRI MathGraphics info: notes and info about lectures
Number Theory and PARI
This a web supplement I created to the textbook Elementary Number Theory and its Applications by Ken Rosen. It contains among other things:
The Indra's Pearls Web Site
Information on a book about kleinian groups which I co-authored and which is now published by Cambridge University Press.
MATH 6490: Indra's Pearls Course Materials
The course ran in the spring of 2004.
Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Fractals
These are the materials I prepared for a course given in the spring of 1996, including a 170-page book processed in latex2html.
Symmetry Web
This is a World Wide Web machine for experimenting with symmetry groups of simple geometric figures.
The Putnam Competition
Here is information about participating in the Putnam Competition, a national undergraduate math contest.
Links to the World Wide Web
This is my own personal collection of useful web links. This is continuously updated and out-of-date.
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Number Theory

Kleinian Groups

David Wright
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